Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Fund

Asset Allocation Over Time

Dimensional’s Target Date Retirement Income Funds are designed to be diversified across a mix of asset classes that include stocks and bonds. Over time, the investment emphasis shifts from income growth to income risk management.

Early Working Years

Contributions are invested primarily in Income Growth Assets, which are expected to increase in value over time.

Later Working Years

Any increase in value of the income-growth assets can be invested toward more inflationprotected securities later in your career.

Approaching Retirement

The investment focus shifts from growing income to managing income risk, with more portfolio assets invested in inflation-protected securities to manage future retirement income risk.

In Retirement

The portfolio remains focused on income risk management assets in an effort to guard against risks like inflation or a market downturn.

Choosing a Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Fund

By choosing a Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Fund, you can take an important step toward planning for retirement.
Whether your retirement date is near or many years from now, focusing on income can help you see where you are headed—allowing you to better plan today and giving you a clearer view of your path to retirement.

The funds are offered in five-year increments, with the target date indicating when an investor may expect to retire and stop making contributions in the fund.

For example, if it is 2022 and you expect to work another 30 years, the 2050 fund might be an appropriate target date fund for you. If you are planning to retire earlier or work longer, you can choose a fund with a date closer to your anticipated retirement.

Allocation and holdings are subject to change. Please see the prospectus for more information on target ranges for allocations to underlying stock and bond funds. Stocks include US and Non US (Global) Equity Funds. Bonds include portions of Global Fixed-Income Funds and Inflation Protected Liability Driven Investment (LDI).

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Having narrowed down your desired portfolio, login to your retirement plan account to adjust your investment elections. For advice on selecting a portfolio, please contact IFA. We are happy to help.